Our team of diversely trained individuals have crafted their skills to master time efficiencies so you can live for what really matters.


Julie Subotky- Founder & CEO

Julie's first passion is people, and helping them live with purpose. Early in her career, she recognized the opportunity to help others live more fully by both giving them back their time and by helping them to maximize the impact of special moments--nothing a little planning, organization, insider knowledge, and creativity couldn't help with. No matter the task, Julie always said, "consider it done," and found a way to make it happen.

Julie first launched Consider It Done in Aspen, CO, and with its success took the business to New York in 1997 where she found mostly everyone needed their time gifted back to them. With loyal clients and a best-selling book, Julie has grown the business to spread across the country.

With Julie's commitment to leading with empathy in all aspects of the business and her continued focus on innovating the service industry, she inspires the team to exceed all norms and leave lasting impressions.

Team Leads

Lead Moving Specialist

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Lead Personal Service Specialist

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 Lead Concierge Service Specialist

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